Hi there!

My name is Rasmus Hauschild and I'm the creator of the Super Pi boy and Gameboy Nano.

I love combining design, prgramming and 3d printing to create functioning products, and as I am a huge fan of Nintendo and retrogaming as a whole,

I always wanted to build a gaming console myself.

I am located in Denmark and I ship world wide.


All purchases are greately appreciated as they help to support future projects!





how much are the shipping costs?

world wide shipping is $20.


what payment options do I have?

we support both Paypal and traditional bank transfer. In case of traditional bank transfer please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


delivery time

how long does it take before I have it?

The fully assembled super pi boy usually ships within two months.

The super pi boy kit usually ships within a week.



what customization options do I have?

you get to choose the colors of all the 3d printed parts (enclosure and buttons).



how much storage does it have?

it has 64 gb of built in storage.


what is the battery life?

the battery life is around 3 hours depending on the games you play.


which games can it play?

it can play the games from almost all the systems on this list.


is the storage expandable?

no, the storage is not expandable.


how big is it?

it measures 12.7cm x 9.2cm x 3.1 cm (5" x 3.6" x 1.2")


can I connect it to a tv?

yes, you can connect it to a full size hd tv with hdmi.


can it play multiplayer games?

yes, you can play up to four players simultaneously by connecting external gamepads to the usb ports on the left side of the console.



can I get games preinstalled?

no, we do not offer to preinstall games.


how do I install games?

the super pi boy comes with a detailed manual on how to do that. You can download the manual here.



in case of more questions please use the contact form below.





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